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Control, Manipulate And Seduce Women By Exploiting The 7 Deadly Sins

In my book, Get Laid And Keep Getting Laid Made Easy I have a chapter devoted to benefiting from the  7 Deadly Sins that controls, manipulates and seduces women.  The 7 Deadly Sins consists of lust, gluttony, pride, greed ,envy, sloth and wrath. As a Philosophical Satanist I use these so called 7 Deadly Sins to my advantage. For example, besides having pride in myself, I’ll use a woman’s pride against himself in order to have her thinking that she’s in control and/or to make her look inferior not only to me but to other women. Thus, could lead me to exploit envy, sloth and greed not to mention her insecurities. As for lust, I always look physically and psychologically attractive to women and that I’ll use gluttony to screw fat chicks. With wrath, I’ll use anger to benefit from simply by taking advantage over someone else’s wrongful actions that’s fueled by their emotions. Anger can also be one’s best friend if they know how to use it correctly towards achieving a certain goal and objective.

This is just some of the contents in the 7 Deadly Sins’ chapter and the Get Laid And Keep Getting Laid Made Easy book.

Sincerely, The Doctor


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The Evil Men’s Only Sex Seduction Book “Get Laid And Keep Getting Laid Made Easy” Sales And Publicity Update

Get Laid And Keep Getting Laid Made Easy book sales are going very stronge despite the lack of wide spread publicity. In fact, the media wire services won’t even accept our press releases because my book is very controversial and harmful to women in their opinion. I knew from the start that my book will be one of those underground gems that the mainstream public wouldn’t accept and that it was only written for those men who want to seduce and have power over women by any and all legal means necessary. Also, I just wanted to thank all the men in the seduction community who’ve promoted my book online and bought it.

By the way, I agree with many of you Satanists out there who said that my book is the male version of Anton LaVey’s Satanic Witch.

The Doctor


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